• Balance A

    High end isolator with automatic levelling functionality and control forces in all 6 degrees of freedom.

  • Balance S

    Super flat active isolator with active control of all 6 degrees of freedom

Active vibration isolators

Get the maximum out of your application!
If you operate highly precise devices, then a vibration isolator is nearly a must-have equipment. Parasitic environmental vibrations can be found everywhere. Even without being aware of them, they still might have a negative impact on the accuracy and precision of your systems.

Many systems such as microscopes even have specific requirements regarding the maximum permissible vibration load. These can be described with the Vibration Criteria Curves. If the installation site does not meet these requirements, proper operation of your device cannot be guaranteed.

Our active vibration isolators get the best out of your systems! The vibration load above 10 Hz is reduced to 1%. This opens up completely new possibilities for setting up your system, be it in a multi-storey building or in the immediate vicinity of your production facilities!

All Yuanda Tech vibration isolators work in all 6 degrees of freedom. In addition to the ground excitation, direct disturbances, for example through interaction with the user or through rotating parts, are very effectively dampened. This means that the application is immediately ready for use, as there is no long decay time of the vibrations.

The standard range of Yuanda Tech isolators includes the two families, “Balance A” and “Balance S”. These are available in a variety of sizes and configurations. Should you still need a different solution for your application, we can offer you a vibration isolator tailored to your requirements. Just contact us!


  • Laser and optical devices
  • Micro-Hardness testing
  • Microscopy
  • Micro electronics and MEMS fabrication
  • Ground testing of aircraft and spacecraft
  • Biology and neurosciences
  • Laboratory environment

Balance A

High performance combined with a sophisticated, elegant design but yet simple operation. Elevate your measurements and production to new heights with our active isolator “Balance A”.

Balance S

Benefit from all the advantages of an active control. The aim of our development was to offer full-fledged active vibration isolation at the price of typical passive systems. The result is the “Balance S”, our entry into the world of active vibration isolation!

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