• Balance A

    High end isolator with automatic levelling function and control forces in all degrees of freedom.

  • Balance S

    Super flat active isolator for standard isolation tasks.

Active vibration isolators

The application of vibration isolators is always needed when ambient vibration disturbs sensitive systems and therefore hindering these systems in their high precision performance. When you have high precision measuring systems or production lines, which are exposed to ambient vibration caused by (for example) passing by vehicles, machinery in the vicinity or building oscillation, one should protect the systems from these disturbing influences to restore the performance.

Yuanda Tech active vibration isolators offer an effective solution to this problem. They counteract against unwanted mechanical vibration and ensure that ambient vibration is up to totally eliminated at the payload. Due to this impactful isolation of systems, our isolators create ideal conditions for perfect performance. Already at low frequencies our isolators achieve high isolation performance.

Yuanda Tech active vibration isolators detect ambient vibration and produce a counterforce in real-time, which reduces the vibration to a minimum or totally eliminates it. This performance enables the isolator to have an extremely fast settling time that returns the payload into a vibration less and stable state within seconds after disturbance. The sensors, controls and actuators are all own developments, adjusted and tuned to their peak performance. The flawless interaction of these parts allows for the isolation of even the most miniscule vibrations.

Yuanda Tech active vibration isolators are equipped to handle all common electrical voltages and frequencies worldwide. Depending on the destination, the isolator can be provided with an array of power cords to ensure universal applicability. You only need a power supply, otherwise no additional equipment or knowledge is required.

Our range of active vibration isolators offers you a multitude of sizes and configurations. But should you require a special vibration solution for your task, we can provide with vibration isolator tailor made for you tasks and requirements. Just contact us.


  • Laser and optical devices
  • Micro-Hardness testing
  • Microscopy
  • Micro electronics and MEMS fabrication
  • Ground testing of aircraft and spacecraft
  • Biology and neurosciences
  • Laboratory environment

Balance A

High performance combined with a sophisticated, elegant design but yet simple operation. Elevate your measurements and production to new heights with our active isolator “Balance A”.

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