Our product portfolio consists of high-power ultrasonic applications in the fields of plastics, wire and metal welding, as well as ultrasonic assisted applications like ultrasonic milling, forming and stress reduction. We offer mechanical and electrical components as well as fully integrated systems.

Our standard systems work at a frequency of 20-40 kHz and system power of 800 W, 4 kW as well as 8 kW. Thanks to our innovative generator concept we can realize various operating frequencies without adjustment of our generator.

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  • Plastic welding
  • Wire welding
  • Metal welding
  • Ultrasonic assisted milling
  • Ultrasonic assisted forming (needle-peening)
  • Reduction of surface tension

Key features

  • Operation frequencies of 20-60 kHz
  • System power up to 8kW (at 20 kHz)
  • High dynamics of amplitude adjustment
  • Optional modulation of amplitude
  • Adaption to customer-specific tasks and challenges
  • Prices on request

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