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Yuanda Tech vibration isolators master the challenging sub-Hertz-isolation. What is it about? Vibration isolation is the capability to counteract the ambient or direct disturbances upon the payload in such a way, that the vibrations of the top-plate are reduced compared to the floor or table vibrations. In many cases, a simple reduction is not sufficient, […]

The latest generation of Yuanda Tech vibration isolators include an active tilt-to-horizontal compensation. What is the tilt-to-horizontal coupling? Due to their physical measurement principle, typical sensors cannot distinguish between a horizontal acceleration and a tilting of the isolator. Consequently, a tilting angle of the isolator is misinterpreted as horizontal acceleration. The active control therefore generates […]

Fast and precise joining of plastic components is essential when producing face masks with filter systems. Material layers, edges, straps, filters and vents need to be connected and joint quickly. A Task where ultrasonic plastic welding with Yuanda Tech ultrasonic generators is the method of choice. Our ultrasonic generators can create high quality joints and seems between plastic or synthetic parts quickly, precisely and reliably. All this is realized without the use of adhesives in the respiratory protection mask. The advantages are that no adhesive residue is created and that time-consuming hardening times are not needed.

We attended this years Laser World of Photonics in India as part of the Germany Pavilion. This was a special and fitting occasion to present our newest achievements in active vibration isolation. We got an overwhelmingly positive feedback on this fair, possibly due to the growing research and development sector in India. This pleasing experience and the promising developments in the market are a huge motivation for us to place our high quality and made in Germany vibration isolators on the Indian market.

Following this year’s Laser World of Photonics in Munich, Germany we are going to exhibit at the Indian pendant as well. Our expanded team is going to present our up-to-date products to the Indian and international Market. You may find us at booth nr 4318 in hall 4 as part of the German presentation; We are looking forward to welcome you there.

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