Sources of vibration

Mechanical vibrations are created by any kind of movement in a medium that is able to oscillate. Whereat, the vibration itself is a mechanical wave traveling inside this medium. At this point, every movement can be viewed as a vibration source, but some sources are more severe than other depending on the created amplitude and frequency. Severe sources of vibration are machinery, construction work, moving persons, traffic, music; Just to name a few examples.

When delicate equipment, which is susceptible to vibration, is employed one must ensure that sources of vibration have next to no impact on these. The first step would be creating distance between the delicate equipment and the vibration source. It is strongly advised against letting such equipment touch the vibration source. Therefore, the vibration can only be transmitted indirectly through ground and air, at which most of the vibration becomes building vibration. To further protect delicate equipment, the use of vibration isolators is recommended.

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