Resonance frequency

Every oscillatory system is characterized by its eigenfrequencies. If the system is excited at that special frequency, the resulting vibration amplitudes are especially high. The eigenfrequencies are a characteristic property of the mechanical system. In the simplest approach this frequency is determined by the effective stiffness and mass, omega0=sqrt(c/m). Especially low damping results in high vibration amplitudes.

Depending on the purpose, resonance can be wanted or unwanted. In case of vibration isolators, excitation of resonance vibrations should be avoided, since isolation occurs only above the resonance frequency. Therefore, the resonance frequency of the isolator should be as low as possible. Yuanda Tech vibration isolators are characterized by extremely low resonance frequencies down to 0.3 Hz.

Our ultrasonic devices are on purpose driven in resonancy to yield high dynamic amplitudes and forces.

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