Fast and precise joining of plastic components is essential when producing face masks with filter systems. Material layers, edges, straps, filters and vents need to be connected and joint quickly. A Task where ultrasonic plastic welding with Yuanda Tech ultrasonic generators is the method of choice. Our ultrasonic generators can create high quality joints and seems between plastic or synthetic parts quickly, precisely and reliably. All this is realized without the use of adhesives in the respiratory protection mask. The advantages are that no adhesive residue is created and that time-consuming hardening times are not needed.

Due to the fast cycle times of Yuanda Tech ultrasonic devices, they are well suited for the mass production of filter masks. Additionally, they are flexible and applicable in many ways. Beside the production of face masks, they can be integrated into other production lines without any difficulties. Our in-house developed, innovative generator and control concepts give make our devices exceptionally energy efficient. Furthermore, they can realize a wide range of operating frequencies without changes and adjustments on the generator itself.

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