Yuanda Tech at the China (Shanghai) International Precision Optics Exhibition 2018 (Oct., 31st – Nov., 2nd)

Yuanda Tech proudly presented its latest vibration isolator products on a shared booth together with our affiliated company Shenyang Yuanda Equipment Sci. & Technology. Beside our high-performance passive vibration isolators, our active benchtop isolators was shown to the public for the first time.

Below you find some impressions from our successful week in Shanghai!


Latest generation of high-performance vibration isolators delivered to our client

On September 28th Yuanda Tech has delivered its first three samples of the latest vibration isolators for 125 kg payload to the client.

These isolators are equipped with the optional voice coil actuators for active control in vertical and horizontal direction.

We are excited about this milestone and wish our client every success with the use of our isolators!

Yuanda Tech vibration isolators tested in cooperation with ULB Brussels

On may 14th and 15th, Dr. Marcus Neubauer and Sebastian Mojrzisch tested our latest vibration isolators at the ULB in Brussels.

The research group from Prof. Christophe Collette is especially interested in isolation of micro vibrations. Such a task is one of the most challenging for isolators. Using highly sensitive seismometers from güralp, the transmissibility from ground excitation was determined.

Our Yuanda Tech isolators passed this challenge with distinction. Due to the low resonane frequency of maximum 0.5 Hz and the low damping (high quality factor), the transmissibility was already at 3.5 Hz reduced to 1%.