Vibration isolators

The use of vibration isolation becomes necessary when precision is required. Typical applications are in the field of microscopy, manufacturing and measurements.

These devices are easily excited by footfall sound, building vibrations or machinery, which might prohibit a prober operation.

Benefit from our high-performance vibration solutions and reach the next level!

Ultrasonic devices

Ultrasonic devices offer a broad field of operations in various industrial applications, the packaging and joining technologies being among the most important ones

Our ultrasonic devices are targeted to offer a high system power and dynamics. This enables Yuanda Tech to reduce the process time of welding connections and to reach high cycle numbers with reproducible, high quality.


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Yuanda Tech is an innovative and dynamic enterprise with seat in Hannover, Germany. It is our goal to serve our clients with the best solution for their vibration problems.

Based on our longtime experience and continuous development process, we can offer highest quality products in the field of vibration technology. All our products are “made in germany” and locally produced.

Beside standard products we also offer customized solutions. Contact us and convice yourself!

Yuanda Tech GmbH

Yuanda Tech is an innovative enterprise with seat in Hannover, Germany. We are active in the field of vibration technology. Currently we offer high-quality vibration isolators and ultrasonic devices.

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